CyberS s.r.o.

Our company, CyberS s.r.o., is a purely Czech company. It was founded on April 11, 2007 in Prague, but its history dates back to 2005. From the beginning it was our goal to bring stable services for the internet market with an emphasis on individual approach that customers can rely on.

We operate our own online stores PADU and price comparator CyberTip, for which we have obtained status Google CSS Partner, so if you run your own online store, you can save on advertising on Google Shopping.

We have been offering for our customers since 2005 website creation and professional web hosting services. We will provide you with a modern, attractive website, as well as domain registration and site location to the Internet, including the establishment of e-mail services. We also operate a network of entertaining and informative information websites. If you like to travel, you can check out trip tips or if you want to have fun, you will surely appreciate it jokes and quotes.

Our services have been used by tens of thousands of customers during our period of operation and their number continues to expand every day. We listen to the demands of our customers and constantly modernize our services. We bet on the latest technology and automation, which allows us to provide modern flexible services, that our customers can rely on.